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Saturday, September 26, 2009

myspace layout + new music coming

hey fambam!!!!
new myspace layout up + new music coming soon!

been trying to keep up to date with the blogging so i thought i'd let the faithful myspacers know i got a new layout...woohoo lol. on top of that i'm gearing up to hit the lab in october to record all the hot new songs i've been working on...definately killin it on this next album so stay tuned.
as always just want to let you know i appreciate the luv and mad support you give ya girl! keeps me going...i

anyways besides that working on some vixenkitty t-shirts for the ladiies that have been patiently waiting for an online re-stock! that ish is on the way!! you can follow for updates on the drop in the future too!!
collabing with the fambam my team h.i.t + fly society + soul hood ---> gotta keep it love in this piece...bringing it back for that 2010 babiie! =] also a few artists have hit me to collab so as soon as those drop i'll let ya know the happs. don't be surprised if i pop up on ya like whoa! haha. trying to keep it all motion the rest of the year to get this stuff out!

so like i said check back...much more on the way...this is just a little quick update. luvs ya all and i will be back with more music in the coming weeks!

keep it definately soul hood!