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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rant & Rave...

Im working hard trying to finish up this chapter 1 album and work on much to little time in a day. been on my biz so much trying to let the artist out more these days....speaking of...its funny how people dont think artists know their business today....although some still dont practice it as much...i however do. It just amazes me how many people out there still think they can pull the wool over your nonetheless i guess its all a hustle and everyone is out to get something. I just wonder how many opportunities they miss out on in the process...ha.

Cant wait for the election...My support is behind Obama. Just a few more days left and change is a comin'! Anyways I know that the climate of the economy is on a downward spiral right now...and we're all feeling the pinch. Thats part of the reason I decided to make Chapter 1 a Street Album so that the music is free and out there...not to mention I just wanted to say thank you to all the people out there who have had my back and supported me and my music since day one! Its been a long time coming. I know that I have collabs out there as well as a few songs Ive pushed but to actually finally complete a full project....well lets just say its long overdue.

Okay well back to vibing. I had a free moment so I thought I'd drop a few lines. much luv and many blessings!!keep living your dreams and keep the hustle strong.
Ya girl is gone...Mecca Dawn.