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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fly Girl In the City.

hey beautiful babiies! stopping in to drop a few lines. im away right now trying to put the lid on this chapter 1 album. its been an adventure. lol long overdue and sort of all consuming. everyday im getting emails and messages asking when is the drop??
anticipation is a muthaf***a right??right. but worth it. thats my word. its kinda hard finding the time to do everything @ once. from the lab, working on vixenkitty, handling biz w/ the fam FLY SOCIETY / SOUL HOOD All DAY! its 24-7 sometimes more than that over here. i still have a billion and one songs floating aound in my brain...waiting to set free in the lab.
ok so i dont know if its off subject but i have to say this. for anyone new to hearing my music for the 1st time....or if you've just been introduced to this your ears for a not trying to be labeled as the next so and so if its been done im not trying to re-do it. if the name isn't mecca dawn then it sure ain't me! lol when people ask me who do you sound like? i say myself...original. if at times my tone or my deivery gives you that reminiscent feeling...if it makes you think of "___________" you fill it in. ha. thanks. but the truth is my artist philosophy is "INNOVATE NEVER IMMITATE".

This isnt to pin point any one person or group, its a general statement. If you are down for this movement...I say THANK YOU whole heartedly. but if you dont care to get the facts, make a truthful statement, or really take the time to understand this message Im trying to promote through my music....thats unfortunate...and well your opinions are merely just that...So I thougt Id take the time to tell you just briefly what that message know just in case anyone gets confused along the way.

For a long time I have supported hip hop the lifestyle the culture its many artforms and the especially the music. I grew up listening to some of the greatest and most innovative emcees just like most of you out there. I recognized like so many others that there were few female voices in hip hop compared to males in this game....and have often wondered why the female perspectives and stories seem less relevant to listeners. I think over the years we've struggled trying to find our voices not to mention where we fit in this game. There are a number of reasons I could say as to why there aren't more female emcees in hip hop...but thats a whole other topic in itself.

While I feel as though I am versatile as an artist, I also find that because there are so very few females in this game...labels get thrown around and people seem to compare you to other ladies in the game b/c those are the only images they identify with when it comes to a fmale that can rhyme or spit, or actually write a song by herself that actually says something. My whole reason for even putting myself out there as an artist was to continue a message of self empowerment that began so long ago by those who paved the way. I give respect to those ladies like roxanne, latifah, lyte, missy, kim, foxy, jean, remy, eve, etc....and at the same time I want some female emcee to look back and see there was a Mecca Dawn as well as so many other ladiies out there doing it!

A lot of the songs that I do...have messages. whether big or small...they are all stories...lessons ive learned as well as other women, or even things Ive lived, seen and strive for in the future. They are short tales of struggle, strength, independence, losing yourself to finding out who you are, love to the haters, flaunting your badness and flyness to breaking down, friends, family to relationship issues, hustling to finally getting it. These are our issues. Some that men and women can identify with and some that we as women from our perspective go through. See...its not justreally about pimpin or playin, its not about trying to be a n*gga cuz lets be real thats what they always say we are trying to be. My music is about that chick that had to do what she had to do maybe shes that hustla, maybe shes that chick strugglin not only in the streets but with her relationships, family and friends, maybe shes a mother, maybe shes the wife, maybe shes the other woman. She could be that chick that cares too much or doesnt give a damn! Shes the bad girl and the good girl, shes got strength and she has vulnerabilities. She's that chick thats been played before, gone thru the lessons in love and switched that game and flipped it, and shes that woman thats been in love and got lost in it. shes dealt with homegirls, family, friemds being scandalous, fake or cold turning their back on her when she had nothing to them coming around when she was on top. Shes had haters and lovers. SHE IS A "WOMAN". As women we go through it all. We are soldiers. We have hard edges and a soft heart which when we go through it becomes tougher with each punch. Thats what I want to showcase...every woman. not just one perspective but the womens perspective on life love everything. And while my voice is only but one out interpretaion....there are many more voices to heard and stories to be told.

I can identify with some of my male counterparts in this game cuz im living my life on these same streets that they rap abput...know these same dudes they tak about and have struggled with them (men) through the same issues they face on a daily. But in the same respect there are some things we will go thru that are different that we cant relate to, that arent the same, and that men go thru that only they identify with just like there are things only women relate to and understand. So I think there needs to be a balance. Like so many women have supported a dominant male presence in hip hop, thir lives and stories, their perspectives, I just think its time for the ladies to step it up and let this world know we have a voice too...and we can rock with the best of them in whichever way we choose to tell that story. We can be successful but you just have to speak what you know and do it in a way that can appeal to everyone. Not just for album sells but to get it back to when music used to be relateable to people and their everyday lives. Bring back the realness.

the point....Im me. thats all i can be in this life. a woman. speaking from my female perspective trying to be one of the innovators in this game. who will you be??

Thats my two cents.
Blessings, Love & Respect Always