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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chapter 1 Series on YouTube

If you havent checked out my YouTube "Chapter 1" Series than you can peep it by simply going to and stay up to date with what ya girl is doing. I decided to do the "Chapter 1 Series" episodes to give you a up close and personal look into the upcoming "Chapter 1" album, from how i came up with some of my songs and the inspiration behind them, to just letting you get to know who I really am behind the music.

My life is like a good book you can relate to and won't want to put down. Dubbed the "MECCANISM"...the first chapter to my story...where the plot definately thickens all the way through, and every line ties together to form the outcome. So I hope you feel free to get aquainted with the raw soulful edge that is "Mecca Dawn" and I definately hope that you relate to the multi-faceted styles ya girl is coming with. Every woman wears a different face for every situation that life throws at her. She posesses both strength and beauty...a soulful emotional self and a cold and raw edge and plenty variations in between. This is me...Like it or Not...and Im stepping out of the background to tell this tale.

Dont forget to leave me some luv and let me know you came thru!!! More on the way so stay tuned!!
Ya girl is gone....Mecca Dawn