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Sunday, November 06, 2016

MDAWNMUSIC.COM <---Official Site Up!

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Thursday, December 06, 2012

House of Rock w/ BARB MORRISSON

House of Rock with phenomenal producer Barb Morrisson, Mecca Dawn interview by the incredible Melanie Vesey and filmed by the amazing Jonathan Lopez. Me rhyming on the best in the biz "the bottle" by Blue Microphones @ The HOUSE OF ROCK in Santa Monica.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Friday, August 03, 2012

"VERS(US)" Album Cover Art & Update

Here’s the front cover artwork for my upcoming album “VERS(US)”. The album title is a play on words “Verses / VS”. Basically the concept behind the album is trying to combine my lyrical side…the emcee, and the natural side which is the everyday life. Verses to describe my flows, the meaning behind the words, the art of storytelling, and the lyrics. VS meaning you vs. the world, the struggle, relationships, spirituality, the game, haters, etc…trying to become victorious no matter what you are up against in your everyday life.

The cover artwork is an image of me, sort of dipicting a rebel-like / warrior image manipulated with typography with some pieces of lyric from title track “Vers(us)” that is on the album. The 2 lines I used were the endings of verse 1 and 2 which read “let the word in so the word can verse us” & “its us against the world, the world vs. us”. These two lines can be seen within my image as though the word, the lyrical is in me and flowing out of me onto the black of the cover as to represent me the emcee which creates the lyric and the words I use to battle and project unto everything im up against.

So enjoy the cover, spread it around if you support my music. Thank you for all the continued love and support, and new music is on the way. Be sure to check me out + + and Im getting the instagram cracking soon but for now add me “meccadawn” on instagram. xoxo